Inter-centre Research Exchange Funding

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  • Graduate student members of CIRMMT are eligible to apply for inter-centre exchange funding to conduct research within the Centre’s mandate at a recognized institution. Postdoctoral members and visiting students are not eligible for this funding.
  • REMINDER: To be eligible, students must be enrolled during the full period of the award funding.
  • Preference in the selection process will be given to doctoral researchers.
  • CIRMMT will provide up to $2,500 per month, with a maximum award of $5,000 per applicant in support for travel, lodging and living expenses.
  • The minimum length of internship is one month.
  • There is no predefined list of institutions that students need to pick from. However, Section E, the letter from the host institution agreeing to the exchange and to provide students with access to the necessary laboratories and facilities, is mandatory.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply even if their application to the host institution is still pending. Any changes in application status must be communicated immediately with CIRMMT.


  • In order to be considered eligible for CIRMMT funding, students are expected to attend:
    • EITHER a minimum of 4 out of 6 Distinguished Lectures in the 12 months prior to the application deadline,
    • OR a minimum of 3 out of 6 Distinguished Lectures and significantly contribute to the organization of a CIRMMT workshop along with the RA co-leaders in the 12 months prior to the application deadline.
    • NOTE: In both situations above, ONE Distinguished Lecture can be replaced by attending a live@CIRMMT concert.

  • All attendance will be tracked via sign-up sheet for in-person events.
  • Event attendance requirements are instated to demonstrate the applicant’s active involvement in CIRMMT activities. If the applicant does not meet these requirements, extenuating circumstances will be reviewed, and proof must be provided.
  • Students from universities outside Montreal (U. de Sherbrooke and Université Laval) are exempt from fulfilling the in-person event requirements but are encouraged to attend when possible.


CIRMMT Inter-centre Research Exchange Funding application form

  • DEADLINE: March 1st at 4pm, for travel between April 1st and March 31st. If the deadline falls on a weekend/holiday, applications will be accepted through the following business day at 4pm.
  • One complete electronic copy, in a single PDF document, of the form and all additional documents must be submitted to the Centre’s Administrative Officer (info [at] by the deadline, and must include:
    • Section A: Applicant information
    • Section B: A letter of intent from the candidate outlining the purpose of the research internship, its interdisciplinary nature and relevance to CIRMMT’s mission.
    • Section C: A budget including estimated travel costs, lodging and living expenses.
    • Section D: A letter from the CIRMMT sponsor outlining: The academic standing and research capability of the student; the nature of the research project to be carried out during the internship; the relevance of this research to CIRMMT’s mandate; the potential of this research internship to contribute to a long-term research collaboration across institutions.
    • Section E (template available): A letter from the host institution on official letterhead confirming access for the student to relevant research facilities and a workstation or equivalent for the research project during the internship period.
    • An email from the host sponsor, if this is a different person than for Section E, confirming that s/he agrees to the proposed exchange project.
    • A complete CV.
    • An unofficial transcript (a downloaded version is acceptable).
  • Late of incomplete applications will not be considered. 
  • Recipients of Inter-Centre Exchange funding must provide a report and brief summary within one month after their exchange has ended.
  • Please note: Recipients of this funding at non-McGill institutions need to be aware that there are often some delays in receiving this award. To try and help reduce these delays, please come and see the CIRMMT Office Administrator.


  • Quality of the proposal (including academic standing and demonstrated research ability).
  • Interdisciplinarity of the proposal.
  • Relevance of the proposal to CIRMMT’s mission.
  • Potential of the proposal to further collaborative research partnerships at the international level. 
  • Distinguished Lecture attendance/Workshop organization: On rare occasions, when there is money still available, after the fully eligible students have been considered, students who have not completed the full attendance requirements may receive support.