Honorary Lifetime Members

This honorary membership is given to those who were either a CIRMMT Regular Member and have retired from active academic service, or an emeritus professor, or equivalent, in recognition of their contributions to research in fields at the core of CIRMMT’s mission or having made a highly significant contribution to the activities and community of CIRMMT over the course of their career.

Honorary lifetime membership recipients

  • Joel Chadabe (1938-2021), NYU Steinhardt, USA
    • Became a Lifetime member in 2019. 
    • Distinguished Lecture: Joel Chadabe gave a lecture in 2019 which is available on the CIRMMT You Tube channel.

Who is eligible?

Nominees should either:
N.B.: Nominees must still be alive at the time of being nominated.

  • Have significantly contributed to CIRMMT activities and/or progress over a substantial period of time (e.g., five years or more), either as a CIRMMT Regular member or not. This contribution should not include having been part of the administration of CIRMMT.


  • Be a pioneer/leader in an area of research associated to CIRMMT’s mission and/or Research Axes.

AND either:

  • Have been a CIRMMT Regular member who is now retired,


  • Be an emeritus professor, or equivalent, not necessarily a CIRMMT member


  • Regular significant participation in CIRMMT activities, such as workshops or special events
  • Active organization of CIRMMT events either on a reasonably frequent basis, or on a large scale
  • A keynote at a past Student Symposium
  • Worked with other CIRMMT members on CIRMMT related research that has led to publications or concerts etc.
  • Pioneer in a CIRMMT related field
  • Created industrial partnership connections that have significantly helped CIRMMT and its community

Nomination procedure

A nomination can be put to the Executive Committee by a Regular member who is working in a related field of research.

  • Due to the fact that we have many fields of expertise at CIRMMT, it can be difficult to compare one field to another. Therefore, a nominating member must be trusted to understand the expertise of the nominee, which is why it is suggested that both the nominator and nominee must be in related fields of research.

The Regular member making the nomination must submit the following to the Research Centre Administrator (lea.st-arnaud-boffa [AT] mcgill.ca):

  1. A short letter explaining:
    1. why s/he believes the nominee should become an Honorary Lifetime member, according to the eligibility stipulated above.
    2. what the benefit is for both the nominee and CIRMMT.
  2. A short biography and the CV of the nominee.
  3. Any additional supporting documents/links that would help the Executive Committee understand why the nominee would be a good candidate.

If the nominee is approved by the Executive Committee, s/he will be asked to present a Distinguished Lecture in the next available season or an equivalent keynote talk at CIRMMT followed by a reception to acknowledge his/her contributions to CIRMMT.

Privileges & benefits for an honorary lifetime member

This is an ideal way of recognizing the contribution of specific people to the CIRMMT community. Honorary Lifetime members will receive the same privileges as a Regular member, including access to all of CIRMMT’s equipment and laboratories. However, they would not be able to sponsor student members.