• CIRMMT Services brochure – Learn about CIRMMT’s expertise, resources, infrastructure, equipment, and services offered to the private sector.
  • OSR Services – CIRMMT works with the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) of McGill University to create networking opportunities between industry collaborators and researchers. Learn more details about services offered by the OSR.
    • McGill Service Agreements – Service agreements are used when a McGill employee renders a service and provides the results to a client.
    • McGill Research Contracts – Research contracts involve specific deliverables and milestones under a predefined timeline.
    • McGill Collaborative Research Agreements – Collaborative research agreements are used when there is mutual interest to the researcher and the Sponsor, with shared rights and access to the results.
  • Intellectual Property & Commercialization – Learn about McGill University’s Intellectual Property (IP) Policy, types of IP, IP management, and the role of the author and the inventor.